Good News Stories

Title: It's never too late to start learning!


Lorraine says – “I originally came to Best Training in July 2014 to a CV workshop, I was very daunted and nervous as I am a 59 year old woman and had been unemployed for approximately 40 years whilst I raised my family.  The thought of entering this place and explaining my life to them terrified me. When I arrived, I was shown to an area full of computers and sat down in front of one. My knowledge of computers was non-existent, I did not even know how to turn one on. My anxiety began to rise, but the staff were very helpful and sympathetic towards me, they typed up my CV for me, talking as we did it, they explained that computers were nothing to be scared of and if I wanted, they could arrange for me to take an IT course and learn about them. I agreed to this as I need to find employment and an IT qualification would better my job prospects, and have almost come to the end of a very long but fruitful journey”.




“I started at Entry Level 2 and have now completed it, Entry Level 3, Level 1 and have almost completed Level 2 in IT, I am hoping that the funding will have been sorted out so that I can carry on and complete Level 3”.




“The staff at Best Training are all so helpful and polite, they have supported me all the way through my learning, especially Lucy who encourages me all the time. It is a friendly, relaxed, happy environment to learn in, and I have recommended it to a number of my friends and family”.


Well done!


Title: Well done Michelle!


Michelle is 27 years old and came to Best Lincs Skegness in November 2013 to take an Entry level 3 Maths programme which she successfully completed. Michelle had a very pronounced need on her English skills and required Entry level 2 as well as Entry level 3 learning   which she found very difficult, many hours of tutor support was provided during her learning and she managed to obtain a successful completion after 10 months of hard work from Michelle.




Since May 2015 Michelle has taken her studies in Maths up to a full Level 1 Functional skills certification, and in November she enrolled onto an Entry level 3 IT programme. Michelle has shown a lot of dedication and determination to help herself gain skills that she never thought that she would be able to achieve after leaving school.




Michelle’s main goal, as a young mother, is to put herself into a position where she has skills to offer an employer and give herself and her family a better life by gaining more suitable employment.


Well done!


Title: SIA Qualification - achieved!


Ray studied the ASDAN Employability with an exit route of SIA   Door Supervision.  Ray was a learner on the Grimsby Best Training Centre cohort. Ray found the practical elements of the Door Supervisor training more of a challenge to his ability to overcome his nervousness. Conflict Management and Physical Intervention being particular challenges which Ray found hard to understand and difficult to achieve. Ray committed himself to the extra learning and support and began to demonstrate a more effective understanding of the Unit’s aims and objectives and progressed to good levels of practical use of the required physical and communication skills.  Ray had done so well to overcome the barriers in his life, but found that each time that he sat a written exam, his nervousness overcame his rational mind and he panicked.  This was in contrast to his commitment and demonstration of his ability in his relentless search for employment as a security operative.


Well Done Ray!