Employ An Apprentice




What are the benefits of employing an Apprentice?


Apprentices can:
Improve your bottom line
Apprenticeships deliver real returns, helping you to improve productivity and be more competitive.

Keep your workforce motivated
Apprentices tend to be eager, motivated, flexible and loyal to the company that invested in them.

Fill your skills gaps
Apprenticeships deliver skills designed around your business needs, providing the skilled workers you need for the future.


What are Apprenticeships?


They are work-based training programmes designed around the needs of employers which lead to nationally recognised qualifications. You can use Apprenticeships to train both new and existing employees.


Where do they take place?


In most cases the training is 'on the job' at your premises. The rest is provided by Best Training, timetabled on a day or block release.


Smaller organisations (less than 50 employees) could qualify for a support grant of £1500 (subject to eligibility)

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